About Us

Meet the Team

Dan Robin, husband and father of 2, is a software developer living in Albany, Oregon on his 2 acre farm.  His grandfather flew cargo planes into China during World War II.  Dan is an avid board gamer who loves brewing beer, golfing, and playing board games.  One day Dan will accomplish his goal of….

  • Favorite Sport – Soccer
  • Favorite Teams – Portland Timbers, LA Dodgers, OSU Baseball
  • Favorite Players – Gabriel Battastuda and Eddie Murray
  • Favorite Pilot in Mayday: Howard Hughes
  • Favorite Movie: Monte Python and the Holy Grail
  • Favorite Board Game – Axis and Allies
  • Family Board Game Night -Any night! Potion Explosion or Sushi Go

Adam Helvey, husband and father of 2, is a program manager for the State of Oregon and lives in Albany, Oregon.  He enjoys playing pickup basketball, golfing, fantasy football/baseball, and lots of family activities.  One day, Adam will accomplish his goal to watch a live game at every mlb stadium.

  • Favorite Sport – Most of them
  • Favorite Teams – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Mariners and Tottenham Hotspur
  • Favorite Players – John Lynch, Damian Lillard, Ken Griffey Jr., Harry Kane
  • Favorite Pilot in Mayday – Charles Lindbergh
  • Favorite Movie – Goodfellas
  • Favorite Board Game – Lords of Waterdeep
  • Family Board Game Night – No electronics Tuesday night

Dustin Sculatti, husband and father of 2, works at the State of Oregon and lives in Lebanon, OR.  Dustin coaches soccer, is an avid board gamer and Magic the Gathering expert.  He thoroughly enjoys listening to movie soundtracks.  One day, Dustin will accomplish his goal of finishing his novel and creating super fun and creative board games for everyone to enjoy.

  • Favorite Sport – Baseball
  • Favorite Teams – Juventus, OSU Football, Italian National Team, Cincinnati Reds
  • Favorite Players – Roberto Baggio and Eric Davis
  • Favorite Pilot in Mayday to Play with: Amelia Aerheart
  • Favorite Movie: Rob Roy
  • Favorite Board Game – Dark Tower
  • Family Game Night –

Chris Mosbrucker, husband and father of 3, is a software developer.  In Chris’s spare time he enjoys annoying his family with sounds from a guitar, coaching youth sports, and gaming. One day Chris will accomplish his lifetime goal of not having to work anymore.

  • Favorite Sport – Soccer
  • Favorite Teams – Portland Timbers, Oakland Raiders
  • Favorite Players – Diego Valeri, Darlington Nagbe
  • Favorite Pilot in Mayday: The Red Baron!!
  • Favorite Movie – Top Gun
  • Favorite Board Game – Battletech
  • Family Game Night – Sunday night – Castle Panic, Dragonwood, Ticket To Ride